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    The average length of time to recover from a serious diagnosis such as heart attack, cancer, or stroke is 6 months. Your medical plan will help pay for treatment, but many families do not have the reserves to pay their monthly bills for that long in the event of illness. Our Critical Illness Champion pays you a lump sum check of up to $50,000 upon diagnosis of a covered event. That's money that you can use for mortgage or rent, car payments, electric bills, etc., so that you can focus on getting better instead of worrying about your financial situation. 

    We have multiple methods for filing claims to make it easy for you! If you'd prefer to file online, there's a customer portal that allows you to take complete control over your claim process. If you'd prefer assistance, we have representatives available who are happy to guide you through the process. You may also fax your claim if you prefer. Please note that you'll need to provide documentation of your medical treatment in order for us to accurately process your claim. 

    Please see the Contact Us (hyperlink) section for assistance. 

    Your FRBT plans are completely portable! You may keep your plans, with NO increase in premium and NO reduction in benefits, even if you change departments or retire.