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If you are an Active Houston Police Officer who is a member of the Houston Police Officers' Union, you already receive a free medical supplement as part of your membership benefits. Verify all your benefits today by calling 832.200.3410 or email us at [email protected].

HPOU Member Benefits

Free Member Summary Benefits

Contract Benefits

If you are an Active Houston police officer, you receive Contract Disability.


Upgraded Disability policies are available to active HPOU members.

Medical Reimbursement

HPOU members are eligible for our Medical Supplement.


An Accident plan to meet Accident coverage needs for police officers.


Critical Illness Champion through Combined Insurance can help make up lost income.


We offer 2 dental policies through MetLife. An in-network DHMO and Dental Indemnity (PPO).


Choose from two Life plans. MetLife’s Group Term Life and Combined’s Lifetime Benefit Term.


Our Vision plan is offered by MetLife.This is full coverage vision plan, with yearly eye exams and glasses and contacts allowances.

High Deductible

We’ve partnered with Combined to create a plan that will help you offset the high costs that often come with hospital stays